The 2-Minute Rule for acid stain concrete vs tile

We wish to grow our kitchen using a number of our garage. We reside in Florida and also have no basement. The garage floor is concrete and has long been painted and we wish to increase a slab of concrete on to it.

I designed a shower control created with a bag of sand toping combine. The curb is away from square and never level. I should chip away or incorporate about a fifty percent inch on the side on the curb to degree it out. What item do I take advantage of and what is the process? Many thanks beforehand for your assistance. - Greg

RT, the concrete need to slope making sure that water drains away and does not pool around the area. We suggest using shims for the new tub if it does not have already got them built-in. - Chris Technological Solutions

Jessica, we recommend mechanically attaching the new concrete by epoxying rebar into the existing concrete. Compact the soil, incorporate a few inches of gravel and compact, then add your concrete.

View 10 more reviews... Bob, yes it can be done but It will be considered a free float over the present slab. It's important to also Remember the fact that you don't wish to degree the region; it's to have a 1/four" for each foot pitch faraway from the home for suitable drainage. Should you amount it Then you definately will end up with standing water from the home and it will rot you seals. With a thickness two" and bigger you would need to utilize a concrete blend and apply a bonding agent. The surface area would need to be clean and free of any unfastened product, dust, particles, paints, sealers, and oils.

Watch 10 additional feedback... Beth, regretably we do not manufacture a glue for your application. We endorse getting in touch with a glue/adhesive manufacture for his or her recommendations. - Chris Technical Solutions

Tom, Of course it is possible to include concrete over existing concrete. Nevertheless it sounds like you dilemma is incorrect drainage that should be dealt with initially. A French drain could be a solution to your problem. If you decide to insert concrete to your existing patio ensure that it slopes away from your house at at least 1/eight” per ft. Honor any growth joints that are presently current.

We've just one carport 12ft wd x 18ft lg with a concrete slab that we wish to enclose 8ft lg of it into a utility room. The back again door of your house enters at the appropriate front of the carport which will eventually serve as the entry to the utility room. Carport drops down 2ft on the again door. There's a partial back wall and facet wall (with a row of brick at concrete acid stain h&c the bottom) about the outside and, obviously, the wall to your home.

Sandman, Portland cement by itself has no strength Except combined with an aggregate and has no capability to be placed at a thickness besides to be a neat application in its raw condition. The prevailing poured concrete for your table top will really need to remedy for 28 days before you can apply a topping substance. The Sakrete Best ‘N Bond or Sakrete Flo-Coat can be used for resurfacing your concrete tabletop and might be used from ½” right down to a feather edge.

I've a matter doing a patio insert on taking away a 10x10 2x4 walls with roof on the present 10x10 slab in-built the 70s home proprietor extra supplemental 10x12 for the 70s slab in 1996 This is a open air patio slab 4" thick.

Warren- Did you find any solutions? Have an identical project and attempted sand mix over existing slab. Cracked like a spider Net and very hollow sounding. This is certainly an interior venture of converting previous porch into interior room for tile. Ripping it up tomorrow and looking for an additional technique. - David

Dave, sadly we would not have a product inside our line that we advise for this sort of repair. You may want to Look at with your community preparing dept. for prompt materials or options to right this challenge. - Chris Technical Expert services

View 10 more responses... I 'm closing in beneath an elevated room. a person one finish I need to pour a wall which will hook up with a cement wall. I plan to dig back again so acid in concrete I can pour alongside side a percentage of the existing wall to created a larger space for sealing.

Hi.. Thanks. acid stain concrete philippines Would using some sort of bonding agent Along with the mechanical bonding aid hold the feel involving the previous and new from cracking or normally becoming highly seen? - Ryan

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